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A strong Nordic culture underpins our high-quality service based on respect, work integrity and focus on solutions.

Agility & Flexibility

We have the flexibility to deliver the support you need, no matter how big or small your project.


Our leading experts and technologies ensure we always follow industry advances and current regulations.


We offer wide ranging services to pharma and medical device industries for your entire product development journey.

Our strengths

Why choose LINK Medical?

Become regulatory confident

The regulatory experts at LINK Medical can guide your company through the entire regulatory pathway and perform a GAP analysis to assure you have the right documentation to enter the clinical phase.

They are particularly well versed in the maintenance of marketing authorization of a product, label translations and marketing compliance.

Experts in clinical methodology for all phases

LINK Medicals employees are proud to be experts in the methodology of all clinical trial phases, regardless of complexity or indication. We have specially long experience from early oncology phase I studies through the complex international phase II and smaller phase III studies, all with successful delivery and high quality through our adaptive and rigid processes.

Small enough and Big enough

We are the flexible CRO with solid, established processes: agile enough to be adaptive to the needs of small customers but big enough to handle complex international studies, including smaller phase III studies.

Why not engage LINK Medical as your local preferred provider for late phase studies?

Rigid processes with quality as a strong focus

Since we are audited several times each year by international companies, both big pharma and smaller companies, we constantly receive feedback on our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and are confident that we are up to date with all the latest requirements and regulations.

LINK Medical

Your Trusted Strategic CRO and Regulatory Partner

LINK Medical is a leading CRO and Regulatory service provider offering experts, flexible services, and innovative technologies across Northern Europe and beyond. Our transparent Nordic culture provides a high-quality service delivery based on respect, work integrity and a strong focus on solutions.

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