Therapeutic areas

Therapeutic Areas & Experience

Therapeutic Areas and Experience

Clinical trials delivered with integrity

LINK Medical has extensive experience of diverse therapeutic areas, developed and fine-tuned over the course of delivering more then 590 clinical trials.

The performance of these trials, across all phases, has allowed us to continuously widen our proficiency in a variety of indications and complexities, maximizing our ability to tailor our services to your specific requirements. Our success can be attributed to the company´s highly qualified senior leadership and the dedication and expertise of our delivery teams.

Oncology experts

Vast experience in Oncology trials, including phase I

It’s important to find a partner CRO that has specific experience in the indication and the phase of the studies needed, so that you are well prepared for the particular challenges that can arise and can handle them effectively.

LINK Medical knows exactly why oncology trials are complex. So we have active collaborations with clinics for early trials in oncology, experts in oncology trial design and a huge biostatistical team to make sure that the design and power can be achieved.
We continuously build on our strong background in conducting oncology trials, involving oncology experts already from the design and feasibility stage to make sure the trial is performed in an optimal way. Being aware that state-of-the art of early trial design and early development strategy are evolving we make a point of including up-to-date plans in our proposals for oncology early development programs.


Our Technologies

Expertise and Technology are one of LINK Medicals’ strengths

The technologies we use are rigorously selected and maintained so that we can support studies or registries running all over the world and a large variety of trials.

As Master Users of Viedoc, we possess a distinct edge which means, amongst other things, that we can be particularly time- and cost-effective in helping you develop a study design to achieve your critical endpoints.

  • Extensive experience in CNS

  • Clinical trials in neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia, ALS, and Parkinson’s disease are fraught with challenges in terms of end points, study duration and patient’s access to study sites. Based on experience in the field, LINK Medical works with customers to mitigate such challenges and uses its technological expertise to facilitate participation for patients.

  • Extensive experience in Dermatology

  • LINK Medical knows that trials in dermatological conditions, with topical products, have unique features and we can use our appropriate size and flexibility to tailor each study to make the most of development resources in each individual situation.

  • Experience in Endocrinology

  • Whether the study concerns prevention of autoimmune destruction of beta cells or targeting insulin resistance in obese type 2 diabetes, we know that patient participation and commitment is essential, and protocols will have to be developed with that in mind. With its experience and footprint, LINK Medical can work with different countries and different kinds of sites, which is important in a clinical development partner in the diverse field of endocrinology.

  • Pediatric studies

  • Pediatric studies are very challenging, especially in terms of regulatory and ethical requirements. We have solid expertise from complex studies in both pure pediatric, and mixed pediatric and adult populations.

  • Immunology

  • Immunology has become the focal point in therapeutic areas like cancer, endocrinology, and cardiovascular disease, and immunological expertise has become a valuable asset across disciplines. LINK Medical has gathered hands-on experience in immuno-oncology as well as autoimmune endocrine disease. We also have experience in more traditional disease areas such as inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Vaccine studies

  • Because vaccines are used in healthy individuals to prevent disease, there is special focus on statistics and numbers of subjects, while at the same time always maintaining close focus on safety and tolerability. We have over the years conducted many vaccine studies, both in adults and children.

  • News and science in clinical trials

  • LINK Medical was founded on a belief in the power of science and data quality. We are ready to take on any challenge and are closely following the development of areas like advanced therapy medicinal products and precision medicine.


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