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Outsourcing can be a very efficient solution for the best use of resources, regardless of the scope. Whether you require short-term staff cover during a workload peak, a long-term strategic partner, or just want a second opinion, we will provide you with the integrity you expect from your service partner. You can choose to in-source our expert consultants to your facility or outsource your assignment to our offices. It could involve anything from a relatively simple, isolated task or management of a full project spanning from months to years, part time or full time.

Expert Consultants

At LINK Medical we listen to your need and provide the most suitable consultant for your need and organization, giving you more flexibility to manage your own resources.

We are able to provide experienced and knowledgeable consultants within all our service areas: Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Project Management (CPM) and Clinical Trial Administrator (CTA), Medical Writing (MW), Regulatory Associate (RA), Regulatory Manager (RM), Quality Assurance or Quality Manager (QA, QM), and also within Safety or Pharmacovigilance

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