Market Access & Real-World Evidence

Market Access & Real-World Evidence

Market Access entails ensuring that an intervention is readily available to all patients who may require it, ideally at a reimbursed price. In many countries, it is a prerequisite to undertake a Health Technology Assessment before patients can be granted access.

Our Market Access team will help you to develop strategies that optimize your product’s lifecycle in today’s challenging and shifting healthcare landscape and competitive market. Their deep understanding and experience in working with health economic models will help you present the models of cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, and cost-benefit needed to compare your product to standard treatments or devices on the market. This team can guide you expertly through the opportunities and potential risks of different reimbursement strategies and ensure you adhere to all requirements of local health authorities.

Real-World Evidence

It is increasingly recognized that we need more insights into how diseases, their treatment and clinical practice work in real-life (Real-World Evidence) in order to support reimbursement decisions and to complement clinical studies. Our Real-World Evidence (RWE) team consists of Epidemiologists, Data Scientists, Statisticians, Project Managers, Monitors and Medical Writers with knowledge and long experience to assist you with both retrospective and prospective studies.

Real-World data in the Nordic countries in particular is a valuable resource because of the many national registries as well as disease-specific quality registries at population-level that date far back in time.

Overview of Services, covering Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices

  • Pricing & Reimbursement applications for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
  • Health Economic models.
  • Burden of illness studies.
  • Guidance and strategic advice on market access landscape.
  • Real-World Evidence studies.
  • Market Research for diseases, indications and healthcare consumption in Western and Northern Europe.
  • Pricing analysis.
  • Health Technology Assessment.
  • Literature reviews.
  • Outsourcing of personnel.

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