Are Covid-19 restrictions keeping your clinical trial on hold?

Insourcing for all your clinical trial needs

The pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions, including travel limitations which make it very difficult for companies to continue to run clinical trials. CRAs and CPM are no longer free to travel and do their planned site visits.  LINK Medical is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) providing product development services for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries across Northern Europe. We offer a well-integrated local presence in all Nordic countries, UK, and Germany.

LINK Medical’s insourcing solutions offer an efficient way to expand your local operations with high flexibility and low risk.

Whether you need insourcing of people or outsourcing of services, we carefully select the individual or the team that will have the most impact on your organization, freeing up your team to focus on what they do best. This gives you more flexibility to effectively utilize your own resources. Our insourcing solution reduces the risk of lost function and allows the company to keep operating while their own employee is out or unavailable. It does not matter if your insourcing need is seasonal or to fill a necessary position, ensuring continuity in the project is essential in any kind of clinical development project.  It can save you money, and the responsibilities can be streamlined and tailored to your immediate needs. This ultimately helps control your costs.

The insourced expert can be based either at your office or at LINK Medical’s office location depending on your needs. One of the main reasons for our success in our solution is that we take the extra time with all of our personnel. All are trained and work with different company procedures. Our clients have expressed that insourcing a resource has helped them focus more on their own in-house staff and activities without sacrificing the overall quality or service they wish to provide.  This in turn, has made them more profitable in the long run.

Our insourcing solution includes all fields in clinical development. That includes line managers, project leaders, clinical research associates (regular and senior), regulatory associates (regular and senior), health economists; auditors/quality assurance personnel, data managers, project managers, and pharmacovigilance officers to name a few.

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Inger Hilde Zahl,

Director Clinical Operations
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Trine Dyring Jensen,

Director Clinical Operations

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Agneta Berg,

Director Clinical Operations
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