Full-service CRO LINK Medical and Viedoc sign a new partnership agreement

OSLO, Norway, Feb 15, 2022, LINK Medical and Viedoc announced today a new Partnership Program between the two companies. 

The Partnership Program that has been established by Viedoc is designed to improve trial efficiency for LINK Medical and its clients. It allows for continuous exchange of experience, needs, and ideas, as well as testing of new features.

LINK Medical are already established Master Viedoc users, being experts in all Viedoc features and having previously undergone a three-year partnership agreement with Viedoc. This has now been renewed for a new period and LINK Medical have thus secured their position as true Viedoc experts for a further three years.

With the newly signed partnership program, LINK Medical can not only exploit the current benefits of the system to the maximum but can also ensure its rapid development in a direction that is always in line with their customers’ needs.

About LINK Medical:

LINK Medical is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) providing product development services for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries across Northern Europe. LINK Medical offers a well-integrated local presence in the Nordic region, Germany and UK. Reaching from early phase development to post-marketing, the company has over 200 employees providing expert guidance across every aspect of a project – all from one source. LINK Medical’s promise is to improve and accelerate product development through transformative methods, active communication, and optimal solutions. As a strategic partner, LINK Medical provides expert competence and technology to enable evidence-based decision-making that supports the delivery of superior clinical outcomes.

About Viedoc:

Viedoc designs engaging software for the life science industry. By accelerating clinical trials on all levels, Viedoc’s solutions support major pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as renowned research institutions worldwide. Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Viedoc also has offices in America, France, Japan, Vietnam, and China. Since Viedoc’s inception in 2003, over 1 million patients in more than 75 countries have participated in studies powered by Viedoc. Discover more at

The Viedoc solution is designed to revolutionize the way you conduct clinical trials – while making each user’s activities and tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Viedoc Designer, Admin, and Clinic form the core of the solution, allowing you to design, manage and execute your clinical study from scratch. From there, pick and choose from a range of fully integrated addons – each specially developed to simplify and boost a particular aspect of your trial.

For more information contact
Ola Gudmundsen, CEO
+47 924 62 200

Editorial Enquiries:
Claudia Wennberg
Marketing and Brand Manager
+46 708 244 398

Mats Klaar, CEO
Editorial inquiries: marketing[@]


“We’re excited to extend our long-term collaboration with Viedoc. We have used Viedoc as our EDC system for almost two decades and built more than 400 studies with it.

The new partnership agreement ensures that we can continue to build on the extensive experience with Viedoc and to deliver advanced and user-friendly EDC solutions to our clients well into the future. In addition, the growing suite of eClinical solutions from Viedoc provides us with the ideal tools to deliver more complex and efficient trials such as decentralized trials to our clients.” says Ola Gudmundsen, CEO of LINK Medical.


“Having long-term collaborations is for me a sign of mutual success. Being a solution provider is very much about trust, adaptation and good relations. We have supported Link Medical for almost two decades, and they have also supported us with regular suggestions of how to improve our product even further. That is something I call a great partnership, and I am proud and happy that we will continue our joint journey by extending our partnership agreement.” says Mats Klaar, CEO of Viedo

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