Glögg Mingle – Extending the value of your product with IP intelligence, clear strategies, and reliable data

When:Dec. 8th | Time: 15:00 to 17:00 (new date)
Place: Telegrafgatan 4
SE-169 72 Solna, Sweden

For Life Science companies to have strong products they need to have a clear and defined vision that is supported by reliable and transparent data. In this event, you will hear from experts in creating value from two different perspectives. Bergenstråhle & Partners AB will talk through the IP perspective while LINK Medical will support the conversation through the product development lens.

Recurrent IP Intelligence efforts are an unsurpassed tool to extend value to your product. This is achieved by doing a market analysis to highlight critical aspects and assessable actionable tasks. Clinical trials are characterized by being a process, where added insights and findings become visible during the different stages of this process. These emerging opportunities enable the value-building of your product and can be identified through gradual IP Intelligence efforts. In addition to this, a study design that has relevant and correct clinical data is crucial for how data is presented to key stakeholders like investors.

At our traditional Glögg Mingle, LINK Medical together with Bergenstråhle & Partners will share insights and advice on how to identify and assess the importance of:

1. Finding, presenting, and utilizing valuable data from IP Intelligence sources

  • For example in Freedom to operate-related matters.

2. Valuating insights from IP-based data for strategic purposes

  • For example in life cycle management, in attracting expert competence, and in investor dialogues.

3. Managing continuous trial findings

  • To strengthen, clarify and conceal critical steps in development with the help of trade secret management.

4. Strengthening funding applications with IP

  • With the help of strategic IP supporting the vision and the expected development of the value journey.

5. The importance of visualizing the finished product

  • Necessary for building a complete strategy encompassing manufacturing, pre-clinical and clinical development, as well as a regulatory pathway.
  • How to convey a compelling case of utility to external stakeholders.


14:30 Doors open for registration

15:00 Welcome

15:05 Bergenstråhle & Partners

15:25 LINK Medical

15:40 Q&A

16:00 Mingle and Glögg

17:00 End

About the speaker 

Andreas Iwerbäck

Andreas is the Head of IP Intelligence at Bergenstråhle & Partners. He has over 22 years of experience in the patent field, working with the entire chain, from patent applications to in- and out-licensing, patent purchases, and litigation. Andreas focuses on IP advice around commercialization, portfolio valuations, and strategic issues. In particular, his specialty is license negotiations.

Christer Löfgren

Christer is an Attorney at Law that has been working with IP since his last year at the university, in his own law firm, and in parallel, covering, writing, and commentating on IP issues since 1993 in the two law magazines Brand News and Patent Eye. The main focus has been legal issues on IP rights like infringement and validity of trademarks and patents in all technical areas, different kinds of design protection, marketing law, and better right to IP and legislation, but also the effects in a court of agreements not fulfilling their purpose. Christer is also an expert on business and commercial aspects of IP.

Gunnar Danielsson,

Sr. Regulatory Advisor

Gunnar Danielsson, former GCP inspector has traveled around the world performing GCP inspections for the Swedish Medical Product Agency for over 10 years. He has 40 years’ experience in Clinical Research and has a wealth of experience from the Pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality management, electronic systems, data management, and clinical design and conduct. Gunnar today is a key advisory resource and helps to design studies in the most effective way, meeting regulatory requirements.

Rikard Reneland,

Medical Expert
Rikard has 20 years of biopharmaceutical experience focused on clinical development and clinical operations, with experience from small biotech to big pharma companies.  After graduating as an MD from the University of Uppsala, Rikard completed his Ph.D. in preventive cardiology.  In parallel to his research, he was working as an investigator in several clinical trials. Following his Ph.D., he received his license to practice. Shortly thereafter, he started his industry career in a pioneering small biotech company developing pharmacogenetic tests to predict response to drugs. After 6 years as Medical Advisor in early biotech and small pharma, Rikard started working as Medical Advisor at the Nordic-Baltic Clinical Study Unit at Sanofi, providing first-line medical support in studies of all phases and across disease areas. He also held positions as Country Medical Lead Immunology at Roche and Global Safety Physician at Sobi before joining Link Medical in 2022.


Solna office:
Telegrafgatan 4
SE-169 72 Solna, Sweden

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