Happy Holidays from our LINK family to yours


The year of 2020 is soon history. It has certainly been a special year for us all. Study delays, worries, masks and lonely home offices have been aspects of this difficult year. Despite this, we have managed to keep focused, reached our targets and continued to solidify our position in Northern Europe. In doing so, we would like to extend our gratitude to you, our valued customer.

LINK Medical aims to build up a comprehensive team within a broad service repertoire and in doing that we engage new skilled experts with long and broad experience. Growing fast means introducing changes and we have now fine-tuned our organization for an even better performance. Creating international teams of skilled experts handling the documentation that in the end of the day may provide the key for the next innovation on the market. We know that the first steps and the tempo in getting the right strategy are vital for every drug development, therefore we offer our early development team that can prepare a solid base for a strong start-up phase.

Winning larger projects and growing the volume of national business has enabled us to develop new technological solutions that increase our ability to deliver with quality on time. Especially our quality management system has been renewed. However, the most important factor is the human factor. Therefore, we invest in our colleagues to develop new skills, keep updated on regulatory demands and issues, establishing good management routines with focus on development of skills, behaviors and customer focus.

On the first of December, we acquired IRW Consulting AB, strengthening our position in the Nordics including also Finland as part of our organization. (Press release)

It has also been a busy year in terms of seminars, where we shared hands-on knowledge from our top experts. Keep an eye on our social media channels and our website where you can find industry articles from our teams and information about our upcoming events.

It is a true honor to continue our work with you and we look forward to another year of accelerating your product development. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Ola Gudmundsen, CEO
LINK Medical

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