Meet LINK Medical at NLS Days 2022

Meet us at Nordic Life Science Days 2022 (NLSDays) where we are platinum sponsors and are thrilled to participate in the first Fireside chat of the opening day Sept. 28 at 10 AM.

Our fireside chat: USING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES TO FACILITATE DECENTRALIZED TRIALS will be moderated by Kristofer Kerfalk, and will be a deep dive into the benefits, challenges, and possibilities of decentralized trials today. You will hear about AlzeCure’s pilot study using new tools for the decentralized approach. Listen to members of the LINK Medical team including Gunnar Danielsson, Senior Regulatory Advisor, and former GCP inspector, together with Rikard Reneland, Medical Expert, and Hedda Magnusson, Group Manager, Project Management. Invited to the chat is also Viedoc, a leader in digital solutions for clinical trials providing a full suite of eSolutions including their innovative EDC system, eConnect, and many other tools.


Fireside chat participants:

Moderator: Kristofer Klerfalk

is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping first-time entrepreneurs and developing health care. He is a trained pharmacist and most of his work is related to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and Medtech (ex Svensk Dos, Health Solutions) but in recent years he has also founded the tech hub BASE10 and CoCreation Health Group.

Henrik Blombergsson – CEO and founder of Viedoc

Viedoc designs engaging software for the life science industry. By accelerating clinical trials on all levels, Viedoc’s solutions support major pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as renowned research institutions worldwide. Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Viedoc also has offices in America, France, Japan, Vietnam, and China. Since Viedoc’s inception in 2003, over 1 million patients in more than 75 countries have participated in studies powered by Viedoc. Discover more at

Märta Segerdahl - Chief Medical Officer at AlzeCure Pharma AB

Alzecure is a pharmaceutical company that develops a broad portfolio of drug candidates for diseases affecting the central nervous system, with projects in both Alzheimer’s disease and pain. This is a unique trial leading a non-opioid drug candidate in the painless platform which is being developed for peripheral neuropathic pain.

Gunnar Danielsson, Senior Regulatory Advisor at LINK Medical

Gunnar is a former GCP inspector who has traveled around the world performing GCP inspections for the Swedish Medical Product Agency for over 10 years. He has 40 years’ experience in Clinical Research and has a wealth of experience from the Pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality management, electronic systems, data management, and clinical design and conduct. Gunnar today is a key advisory resource and helps to design studies in the most effective way, meeting regulatory requirements.

Hedda Magnusson - Director, Clinical Operations at LINK Medical

Hedda has more than 18 years of experience within the field of clinical trials and observational research. She graduated with a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Uppsala University in 2004, and started her career as a CRA within the Pharmaceutical industry the same year. After approximately two years she moved into the CRO industry and has since worked in the field within different roles including LCRA, CTL, and local SSU. In 2012 Hedda took on her first study as project manager and after 9 years in that role she joined LINK Medical as Group Manager for Project Management and now is Director, Clinical Operations. During her career, Hedda has worked with projects on both drugs and devices, and with studies on both investigational products and marketed drugs. In parallel with her work at LINK, Hedda works for the CRO-business in Sweden as a board member of ASCRO, and she is a member of the Pharmaceutical Faculty’s Alumni Board at Uppsala University. In this work she has gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry and life science in Sweden. During this time, she has been involved in preparing Sweden for the new randomised controlled trials(RCTs)

regulations from EMA.

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Meet our LINK Medical team joining the conference:

Lena Lindeberg
Vice President of Commercial Operations

Michael Hakenäs
Business Development Director, Commercial Operations

Cecilie Sol Broe Larsen
Business Development Manager

Ola Gudmundsen

Per Flygare
Business Development Manager

Claudia Wennberg
Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager

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