Real World Evidence (RWE) is crucial for future healthcare

Have you ever noticed a gap between what we learn and what we do? Or between what we expect to happen and what actually happens.

In real-world healthcare, it’s what actually happens that really matters.

On the route to market, pharmaceuticals or medical devices must pass many challenging milestones before real patients can benefit. Contact with the real world, and a mix of patients rather than the homogeneous groups in clinical trials, is one of these challenges.

Real-World Evidence (RWE) helps us to find out what actually happens. It serves many needs and provides many benefits across healthcare systems.

RWE can support decision-making, improve safety and efficacy, and, ultimately, patient outcomes. It provides information on how to best use resources and if efforts are paying off. Applying this data can even save lives.

Read a great example of the use of data registries in Norway to learn about the greater cancer risks groups and cancer disparities by our Market access Manager Ubaid ur Rehman. “How registry data can help to identify trends and reduce cancer disparities – A case study of lung cancer survival from Oslo.

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LINK Medical offers Health Economics and Market Access support to allow companies and their investors to mitigate the risks of taking a new treatment to market. We utilize a variety of rigorous analytical methods for early assessments of pharmaceutical and medical device products. Our experts can advise and guide you through the opportunities and potential risks of different strategies for obtaining reimbursement.

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