Strategic collaboration – the key to success

New laws and regulations for clinical and medical device studies make product development and research in life science difficult to navigate. However, with a CRO company as a strategic partner, the process is greatly facilitated.

Thanks to world-known products such as Losec, the pacemaker, and dialysis machines, Sweden has a strong position internationally in pharmaceuticals and medical technology. In fact, the country has a history of world-class life science research and development. To continue to support growth and promote innovation, cooperation is required and encouraged throughout Sweden and the Nordics. The CRO company LINK Medical has extensive experience of collaboration on several levels.

Hedda Andersson Magnusson,
Group Manager, Clinical Project Management

“In order to be successful in terms of clinical studies and life-science, we need to collaborate between many actors. This includes pharmaceutical companies, CRO, healthcare, and authorities. As a CRO company, you play a significant role in making the industry strong as we are often the link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare for the conduct of clinical studies. Collaboration and strategic partnerships are key to success,” says Hedda Magnusson, Group Manager for Project Management at LINK Medical.

Solid industry knowledge

Hedda Magnusson undeniably knows what she’s talking about. She has extensive experience in clinical studies both in Sweden and internationally and has worked for both CRO and pharmaceutical companies for over 15years. As a board member of ASCRO (the trade association for CRO companies in Sweden), she works together with other organizations to improve the conditions for clinical research in Sweden.

“Through cooperation between ASCRO, the Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Pharmaceutical Industry Association (LIF), we can eliminate operational bottlenecks and thereby reduce the cost and time of clinical studies in Sweden,” she says.

The government has several ongoing efforts to support growth in life science. In their research and innovation bill, they present several initiatives for the years 2021-2024 where collaboration is also in focus. Among other things, Vinnova is awarded a total of SEK 486 million.

“The government’s efforts are extremely gratifying and more than welcome. In order to increase competitiveness and Sweden’s position as a leading research nation, this type of initiative and joint initiatives are needed,” says Hedda Magnusson.

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Long-term collaborations

LINK Medical’s way of working is based on long-term partnership, always thinking a step further and trying to predict what is to come in the industry. In this way, trust develops and a long-term relationship is established.

“We usually say that we start with the end in mind. Although we sometimes are asked to assist only in one project, we try to think about what comes both before the project and after its final stage. If you work together towards the same goal, you can design the project in different ways. Through this way of working, we can map parts that would not otherwise have been done – this means that at the end of the day, we end up creating extra value and most likely saving both time and money for the customer,” she says.

The quick collaboration led to corona vaccines

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing with new requirements, regulations, and technologies. That is why Hedda Magnusson sees the importance of always being responsive and well-informed as a CRO company. Right now, a lot of studies are underway for cancer, immunological diseases, and of course corona vaccines.

“It has become particularly clear now during the pandemic how important collaboration is. Without cooperation within the industry and between authorities and other actors, we would not have developed COVID vaccines so quickly. It’s great to see what we can achieve when everyone comes together and works towards the same goal,” says Hedda Magnusson.

Facts: LINK Medical is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) that provides product development services from early phase development to post-marketing for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in northern Europe.

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