NLS Days workshop C ‘Successful CRO Navigation®

In this workshop, you will learn the crucial elements biotech and MedTech companies need to look out for when searching for the right fit and trusted partner to help them get from non-clinical to market. The conversation is lead by Chelsea Ranger from SwedenBio, program director at NLS Days, Roland Winger, US-based Senior Vice President of Clinical Operation at Allakos, and Lena Lindeberg, VP of Commercial operations at LINK Medical.

Roland talks about things to look for when talking to CROs, the cues in a conversation, the Nordic quality and time barrieres, what brings value to your product in start-up, and many more valuable insights from experience and lessons learned.

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We understand that to support the delivery of superior clinical outcomes, your clinical studies require modern and intelligent data management. Our biometrics specialists are central to our full-service solutions, providing our customers with transformative methods that will change the way you think about a quality CRO. We’ll work together to support your clinical development. With a huge network of experts within our company, you will get the highest quality and support.

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