LINK Medical team joins the journey to Paris with Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby is a European charity who raises money for the Barncancerfonden (Children’s Cancer foundation) in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Switzerland. LINK Medical has been a platinum sponsor for the last three years however, this year, and LINK Medical’s CEO Ola Gudmundsen will join time join the cycling journey to Paris for the first. The event will start for Oslo team with the ferry to Kiel and from there 7 days cycling covering about 1250 km to Paris. Trine Dyring Jensen, Director, Clinical Operations in Denmark has participated before. This year she is the captain of the Danish Team Riget (Rigshospitalet) in Copenhagen.


“We are very excited to participate this year and are proud sponsors of Team Rynkeby which raises money for the Barncancerfonden (Children’s Cancer Foundation.) The corona situation has prevented the journey to Paris in the past two years however, we have high hopes for this year ” -Ola Gudmundsen.


As a LINK employee I really look forward to biking all the way to Paris with the orange LINK logo on my team’s jersey. Working for a company that choses to support children with cancer gives me a great sense of pride, and as I personally have had a son with cancer, it warms my heart to be part of a company with human values that support this meaningful and important case” -Trine Dyring

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